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August 9, 2013
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(y/n)... You were just a normal girl always surfing through the internet really, you loved the internet; also electronics. Video games, and other things that has anything to do with electronics are always your things to care with.

Reading Fan fictions of Creeypastas and Readers Inserts, also writing and drawing were your favorite things to do. Really you loved reading the Creepypasta x Readers the most. They were entertaining for you, but being a Creepypasta fan you are, you only believe of what they would logically do.

You liked the story of BEN Drowned; in the Readers Inserts you've read you would always see that they make BEN love video games, and turn all flirty with the Reader.

Really you just found it out of character, sure some of them were finding BEN scary, but then cute and all. But in your mind, you just kept thinking, “Aren't they making him just a bit too out of character?”. What if that wasn't how BEN really acted?

And when you search of the fanarts. They made jokes, some making him all cute. But have they even seen him? A few of them were too scary, and just drawing the Elegy of Emptiness also known as BEN Drowned's avatar.

… That was the billionth time you've got frustrated like that about BEN Drowned Fan stuffs. But it really does get in the nerve huh, (y/n)?

“(y/n)... What if we make you meet him?”

You heard a voice echo in your head, you turned your head to only see no one. You sighed and focused back in your computer.

“Must have been my stupid mind playing tricks on me...” you muttered.

Checking your computer screen, you found a tab open on your (Insert Browser). It was the site you would always go to when bored, trolling people and making them believe that you were BEN...


“Funny, how did that open?” You asked yourself, and decided to do your usual thing on cleverbot.

User: You shouldn't have done that...

Was the first thing you would usually type when going on cleverbot. Funny you got a reply that you usually don't get.

Cleverbot: Hey! Don't use my own line on me!

That was funny, but own line? Huh... that was weird. Since you don't know what to actually say, you clicked the only thing that you click when you have not a thing to reply with.

Think About It!

Surprisingly you got a long answer here.

Cleverbot: I know you're there and you have something to say. And you hate the fan stuffs about me, and yadda yadda yadda. I'm here to show you stuffs about stuffs.

User: Okay that was a fucking dumb reply...

Cleverbot: Well excuse me!! I'll just go get out of this stupid laptop of yours full of... things. Jeez, it's full of folders, and fanarts of stupid things.

You were pissed and yelled out, “My favorite games, anime and manga aren't stupid you idiot!” you don't even know this guy, and get out? It's in your computer? How is that even possible?

But having knowledge from reading reader inserts, you would only know one character that randomly opens up cleverbot talk to you, and come out of your computer....

BEN Drowned.
I am so sorry. You have no control of you age here. Just your looks, and your favorite things. Sometimes. :'D

So. I am going to make this look active on deviantART. But I'm really working on four swords x Reader so. Enjoy my.. 13 year old... kinda.. people.
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FluffyShadowPaw Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: *taps his nose* Hai! (I'm way to friendly xD) Waz up?
amberflicker Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...You're saying there's actually a website like that?
AoLinkette Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What, cleverbot?
It's scary how I'm so much like the reader O.O
bloodsplait Mar 26, 2014  Student General Artist
The words you used to describe the reader, i close to how i am!!!!!!!!!!
I have a request ok so i created this new character from creepy pasta her name is creepy sam will you you make a fanfiction of her x ben drowned she's 18 she wears a dark red hoodie she has knee socks she wears black goth boots she has black torn denimn shorts she has light brown hair with two long pig tails her personailty is like jeff and Eyeless jack and laughing jack put together just more creepy she kills with scissors and she makes people see night mares and before she kills she says sweet dreams oh and she has fangs with real light hazel eyes
This is so me...... are you a stalker?!? Lol jk
Are you stalking me? Cuz this character is totally me I dont get it ._.
Heaven-Eather Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
.... Are you stalking me? ... The description was totally like me...
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