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December 24, 2013


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It was now early morning, you sat up and yawned. Your (e/c) eyes about to close and fall back to sleep; but you insisted on getting out of bed and do your normal thing in every Summer Vacation you've had.

Getting out of your room with clothes in hand, you stepped foot in the bathroom to have a short shower.

After the shower you put on the clothes you got from your room. (f/c) tank top and a simple white short.

Just about to go downstairs, you heard the doorbell ring.

“Who could be visiting right now?” You wondered out loud. Your parents were gone for vacation, and your friends don't visit much. You really like being mysterious at times.

You went straight downstairs and went to have a little look on BEN.

He sounded asleep in the living room, it's surprising how he didn't wake up. The doorbell in your house was pretty loud.

You walked towards the front door and opened it to meet a girl; probably around your age.

She was wearing a reddish hoodie, and a skirt, with leg warmers same color as her hood, and her hair... her hair was light black, it's likely gray. Not like old person gray though.

The person whom you're not familiar with was staring at you with her eyes, dark yet light eyes. When she finally spoke to break the silent atmosphere, her voice was that of a teenager.

“Is this uh... the house of (y/fn) (y/ln)?” she asked. You automatically tensed up, and nodded nervously.

Replying it was your time to speak, “Er... yeah. What is it that you want?”

“Oh I was sent here by someone to look after a troublesome person,” she said whistling.

Is she talking about BEN Drowned? You thought. It could actually really mean BEN; but who is she? You've never heard of someone like her.

But knowing that she must know BEN is comforting enough to let her in. She seems harmless either way.

As you lead her to the living room, you saw BEN playing some of your games. He turned to look at you and the person you have not met yet.

You were pretty sure his face turned pale; though you never know. Once you've thought about it. He was always pale, his long and blonde hair was the sight you would always want to see. He really did look like link too... But you knew better.

BEN is BEN, not Link...

He then quickly runs upstairs; funny how you would think he'd just jump in the television or something.

“BEN Drowned! Come back down here mister!” you heard a voice from the girl who you don't even know!

BEN peeked from the stairs, “W-why the heck are you here?” he started feeling sick just being extra paler if possible. He slowly walked down and hid behind you, even if he was a little taller than you.

“You know, just here to babysit. You might kill that human friend of yours, (y/n) right?” the girl sat on the couch, “Pardon my manners! I'm Kayls, a human girl who ALMOST lost sanity! Though, I'm not much to be known, cause I'm just a babysitter. You know, take care of the kids. Yeaaah. Something like that,” she explained as if she was just talking to herself.

“I'm not a friggin' 3 years old,” you creepy pasta friend yelled. “I'm enough just staying with, (y/n)! I won't kill her! …unless she tries to test my temper..” he muttered.

You over heard, 'I knew it... Creepy pasta's aren't to be underestimated, cause they can murder easily for all I care' you thought.

Kayls seems to know what you were thinking, “And that is why I, an abnormal human girl, is here!” she spoke, “Don't worry, (y/n), I'll be like your big sister! Protecting you and all that.” she held onto your hands.

“I never really had any sisters so this is a really exciting thing for me!” she chirped.

You simply smiled and both of you girls got to know each other for the whole day, ignoring BEN Drowned: Forgetting about the presence of his, and forgetting the fact that he could murder either one of you.

“So wait... How the heck did you even become a Creepy pasta babysitter?!” you yelled, sudden realization hitting you.

This must just be a dream or a nightmare you were thinking, maybe you read too much Creepy pasta x Readers? Or was it reality? Were other fan-girls' wishes finally going true? Creepy pastas being real so they can love them?!

That's insane, they're frigging murderers?! Are they just being insane here? So many question in your mind right now, huh?

After a millions of questions stuck in your head your eyes slowly closed as you saw darkness and fainted. Getting everyone worried, voices that yelled starting to fade.
Whoops that was short. and ugly. Ugh. I think I lost motivation. Gods--- My apologies. I might be starting to make other fandom one-shot x readers. Especially YGO and stuffs.

BEN Drowned (c) Jadusable
Readers (c) BEN Drowned Doesn't Own You. You Own Yourself
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Mistpaw89 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
faint <<<<<<<<<<<<< I faint like this
KieranHighlawn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I don't think I would like Kayls...she seems annoying.
Priscellia Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Boa Hancock (Faints) [V2] <<<<< I faint like this
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Luv, luv, luv. I hate those fangirls... or, more like fanboys. Shadow Phoenix out!
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Follow-the-Blood Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
its ok, im sure you'll think of something
thesilvermistgirl Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Yay! A more realistic BEN, not a god-god-modding one
SiennatheHedghog Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Student Artist
LOVED DIS!! it describes him(BEN) PERCECTLY! not like the crazy fangirls who MAKE FRICKIN LEMONS!! I HATE LEMONS!!!!!!! AWESOME! if u want to pls keep going.. ;)
AoLinkette Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm currently having a writers block. Sorry.
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